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Vanguard expands ESG product range with ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF – ETF-News

LONDON ( – Vankard today announced the launch of a new transactional trading fund (“ETF”) focusing on environmental, social issues and corporate governance (“ESG”). Reported in the press release. For more information, see the wording of the following newsletter:

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Vanguard ESG Global All-Cap UCITS ETF (ISIN IE00BNG8L278 / WKN A2QL8U, USD Concentrates;

Vanguard ESG Global All-Cap UCIDS ETF monitors the FTSE Global All-Cap Choice Index, thus providing access to global equity exposure. The code also applies to criteria for excluding companies involved in disputes over weapons, non-renewable energy and immoral products or United Nations global compact policies. The fund’s current fee (“OCF”) is 0.24 percent.

Fong Yi Chan, Head of ESG Strategy for the UK and Europe, says:

“Our clients have numerous environmental and social concerns. Many people want to invest their money in ways that help them adapt to their values ​​and mitigate some of the ESG-related risks that meet their investment objectives. And ensures that our commitment is reflected in the investment process, while at the same time taking into account the long-term value and benefit to our investors. “

The Vanguard ESG Global All-Cap UCIDS ETF is managed by the Vanguard Equity Index Group. He manages more than 8 4.8 trillion assets worldwide and attracts the expertise of 57 team members.

Sebastian Golfes, head of Vanguard in Germany and Austria, adds:

“With over 7,500 foundations, Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCIDS ETF is a verified stock for our investors through a single ETF for environmental, social and governance criteria. Provides widely diversified access to positions that once again underscore our central investment policies.Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCIDS ETF fully assists: them to achieve their investment goals at low cost ESG aims to provide a diversified global equity portfolio for long-term investors to support. “

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In addition to the new product, Vanguard’s offer to environmental and socially conscious investors in Europe now includes the following funds:

Financial Name / Domicil / Benchmark / OCF

Vanguard ESG Developed Global All-Cap Equity Index Fund / Ireland / FTSE All-Cap Choice Index / 0,20 Project
Vanguard ESG Emerging Markets All Cap Equity Index Fund / Ireland / FTSE Emerging Cap Cap Choice Index / 0,25 Project
Vanguard ESG Global All-Cap UCIDS ETF / Ireland / FTSE Global All-Cap Choice Index / 0,24 Project
Vanguard SRI European Stock Exchange / Ireland / FTSE Developed Europe Index / 0,14 Progent
Vanguard SRI Euro Investment Quality Securities Index / Ireland / Bloomberg Barclays Euro NGO Float Adjusted Stock Index / 0,16 Progent

These funds support other characteristics, environmental or social characteristics or a combination of these characteristics. These funds are classified as Article 8 funds in accordance with the requirements of the EU SFDR. (25.03.2021 / fc / n / e)