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Varga, Kleinheisler and Hollender are also top goalscorers

As our readers are accustomed to it, we are summarizing the performance of our legendary soccer players over the past week on National Sport Online. Check out what happened to Hungarian footballers last week!

Hollander determined the end result (Image:


On Thursday, round 33 of the 33rd round of the Turkish Football Championship (Süper Lig), Kasim Pasha played a 1-1 draw with Denizli Sport. The guest team goal is scored by the Hungarian national team winger, Farga Kevin Scored in the 49th minute: Hungarian footballer who played 82 minutes as a beginner In the 49th minute, he sent the ball from 16 yards to the goal of Denizli Sport, and scored his third goal in the league this season – in addition to scoring three assists in the Turkish frontline.

In round 28 of the Bundesliga, he traveled to Leipzig, Bremen, with only a weak chance of claiming the championship title, and he scored a very smooth 1-4 victory against his weak-faced opponent. Willie Urban He gave a goal pass, Peter Golaxi Score a penalty.

László Kleinheisler Another show was scored in NK Osijek, who played 2-2 in Kapronka with host Slavin Pelobo. The Hungarian midfielder managed to score many great strikes in the recent period, this time shooting in the upper left corner at the end of a masterful streak.

The injured DAC team welcomed pioneering Slovenian champion Bratislava in the fourth round of qualifiers for the Slovak Football League. Although the fate of the tournament title had basically been decided, it was important for the home team to win to finish second for sure. Slovan played better in the first half and took the lead – only now David Holman Trans, who scored from the penalty spot – but DAC absorbed himself in the second half, and although he had little chance, he still saved the referee to a tie.

In round 31 of the Serbian Premier League The Dutchman Felibel Initially, Radinsky Nest bet on Partizan Biograd, who scored 2-0 in both halves. The second goal of the meeting was just scored by Holender: he succeeded after a great turn.

Monday, April 5

Angole Championship
Round 40
Coventry – Bristol City 3-1
Bristol: Adam the Great He started out as a beginner, but was replaced by his coach during the break, at a disadvantage 1-0.

Austria, 2. The League
Round 21

Liefering – FAC Vienna 0-0
Levering: Major Samuel He was not a member within the match.
Austria Lustenau – Austria Vienna II 0-3
Austria Lustenau: Daniel Tiffenbach And the; Austria Vienna 2: Mr. Chapa He was not part of his team’s game.

Round 32
Lovin – Genk 2-3
Leuven: Barnabas Pace He was not a member of the Leuven match window.

Cyprus 1. Division
House top rooftop, round 5

Apollon Limassol 1-0 Omonia Nicosia
Omonia: Lang Adam In the 86th minute, he was in a weak position with one goal.

Round 23

Podbeskidzie – Wisla Kraków 2-0
Podbeskidzie: Gero Coxis Watch the meeting from the bench.
Jagiellonia Bialystok – Slask Wroclaw 0-1
Slaske: Tamas Mark Play during the meeting.

Turkey, S LPER LIG
Fenerbahce – Denizlispor 1-0
Fenerbahce: Attila Szalai Play during the meeting.

Tuesday, April 6

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Turkey, S LPER LIG
Round 33

Goztepe – Rize Sport 2-0
Göztepe: Balázs Megyeri It was not in the window.

Wednesday, April 7

Poland, Polish Cup

Arca Gdynia – Piast Gliwice 0-0 – 11-Scale 4-3
Piast: Christopher Live It was a junior seat, and he did not enter the field.

Switzerland, the Swiss Cup
Eight final
Munthe (fourth) – Lugano 0-3
Lugano: Ákos Kecskés I played through the game.

Serbia, Superliga
Round 30

Red Star – Partizan Belgrade 1-0
Partizan: Philip the Dutch He started, fired the goalkeeper, and was substituted in the 88th minute.

Slovakia, Slovak Cup
Eight final
Ruzomberok (Rózsahegy) – DAC (Dunaszerdahely) 1-3
DAC: Kalmar ZsolR And the Andras Schaeffer Consists Healing Vida Matte There is no frame member yet.
Slovan Bratislava (Pozsony) – Liptovsky Mikulás (Liptószentmiklós, II.) 1-0
Slovan: David Holman He started, was substituted in the 78th minute.

Thursday, April 8

Turkey, S LPER LIG
Round 33

Denizli Sport – Qasim Pasha 1–1
Qasim Pasha: Farga Kevin He played 82 minutes at the start and scored in the 49th minute.
Yeni Malatya Sport – Fenerbahce 1-1
Fenerbahce: Attila Szalai He was in the field all the way.

Friday, April 9

United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Round 24
Sardzha – Hatta – Postponed
al-Hatta: Kuman Vladimir

Austria, 2. The League
Round 22

Austria Vienna II – FAC Vienna 2-1
Austria Vienna 2: Mr. Chapa It was not in the window

Germany, Bundesliga
Round 28
Armenia Bielefeld – Freiburg 1-0
Freiburg: Sly Rowland He was on the field for 69 minutes as a start.

Saturday 10 April

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Angole Championship
Round 41
Bristol City – Nottingham Forest 0-0
Bristol: Adam the Great They were not replaced.

Austria, Bundesliga
Low rooftop, round 2
Admira – Reed 0-2
Reed: Borsus Philippet They were not replaced.
Altach – Saint. Bolton 1-0
Altash: Chapa Bukta Stop at 60 minutes St. Pölten: Martin Magnovich They were not replaced.
2. The League
Round 22
Austria Lustenau – Rapid Vienna II 3-2
Austria Lustenau: Daniel Tiffenbach He was not a member of the framework.
Lafnitz – Liefering 1–4
Levering: Major Samuel He was in the field all the way.

Round 33
Circle Brugge – Leuven 3-0
Leuven: Barnabas Pace He was not a member of the framework.

Cyprus 1. Division
Low rooftop, round 6
APOEL – Paralimni 1-0
APOEL: Vinicius Paolo He was not a member of the framework.

Low house roof, round 3
Atromitosz – Larissa 0-1
Larissa: Jirjeli Nagy He was on the field all the way, and got a yellow card in the 79th minute.

Netherlands, honor
Round 29

Heracles – Willem II 4-0
Heracles: Adrian blonde They were not replaced.

Round 24

Slask Wroclaw – Lecia Gdansk 1–1
Slaske: Tamas Mark He played during the match as a beginner, and got a yellow card in the 68th minute.

Germany, Bundesliga
Round 28

Werder Bremen – RB Leipzig 1-4
Leipzig: Peter Golaxi Defend the match, Willie Urban He was on the field all the way, and gave the goal pass in the 41st minute, Dominic Zoboszlai Damaged, not a frame member.
Bundesliga 2.
Round 28

Paderborn – Bochum 3-0
Bochum: Novothynae somat They were not replaced.

Round 30

Parma – Milan 1-3
Parma: Balogh Buttond And the Kosznovszky Mark He was not a member of the framework.
Udinese – Turin 0-1
Turin: Christopher Horvat His name.

Switzerland, Premier League
Round 28
Lugano 1-0 Lausanne
Lugano: Ákos Kecskés He was on the field all the way, and got a yellow card in the 72nd minute.

Turkey, S LPER LIG
Round 34

Hattaispor – Göztepe 2-3
Göztepe: Balázs Megyeri He was not a member of the framework.

Sunday 11 April

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Austria, Bundesliga
The upper roof of the house, second floor
Rapid Vienna – Red Bull Salzburg 0-1
Rapid Vienna: Tamas Szanto His name.

Cyprus 1. Division
The upper roof of the house, 6th floor

Omonia Nicosia 2-0 Olympiacos Nicosia
Omonia: Lang Adam Play the game as a beginner.

Croatia, 1. HNL
Round 28
Slavin Bilobo – NK Osijek 2-2
Osijic: Adam Gyurxo His name László Kleinheisler For a start, he scored the second equalizing goal for his team in the 71st minute.

Round 24

Zaglebie Lubin – Podbeskidzie 2-1
Podbeskidzie: Gero Coxis His name.

Germany, Bundesliga
Round 28

1. FC Cologne – Mainz 2-3
Mainz: Adam Salai In the 55th minute, he entered the field as a substitute.

PortugalFirst League
Round 26
Santa Clara – CD Nacional 5-1
National: Jirjeli Pople His name.
Second league
Round 28

Benfica B – Ferrense 2-0
Benfica B: Xobooth Kevent His name.

Serbia, Superliga
Round 31

Partizan Belgrade – Radnicki Ness 2-0
Partizan: Philip the Dutch He started as a beginner, in the 57th minute he scored the second goal for his team, and in the 62nd minute he was substituted.

Slovakia, Fortuna League
The roof of the upper house, fourth floor
DAC – Slovan Bratislava 2-2
DAC: Kalmar ZsolR And the Vida Matte ConsistsAnd the Andras Schaeffer As a substitute, he entered the field in the 78th minute; Slovan: David Holman He scored from 11 in the 6th minute and was substituted in the 72nd minute.

Monday, April 12

Round 24

18.00: Piast Glyphs – Gornik Zapperzi
Piast: Christopher Live

Turkey, S LPER LIG
Round 34
Kasimpasa – Yeni Malatyaspor
Qasim Pasha: Farga Kevin
18.00: Fenerbahce – Gaziantep
Fenerbahce: Attila Szalai

In our overview, we have collected Legion matches in the foreign first or second division championships, even the current or former adult player or the U national team, or even the national team frame membership.