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Vasas Simn won the NB II against Budafok

In the fourth round of Merkantil Bank Liga NB II football, Vasas beat Budavuk at the illegally defeated Vasas Stadium 3-1 at Ilovsky Rudolf Stadium.

In 2021, Vasas won all but one of the domestic championship matches against Gyirmt last season. But this season, Ajkt and Cskvrt have also won 2-1 at Illovszky Rudolf and 2-1 at Disgyr. In the spring, Budavok was included in NB I in III. He started by beating Buda TVE in Buda, but only won one point in the league.

Fez started the match well and took the lead in the ninth minute. After a quick change of tempo, Rad Anders entered the interior of the sixteen, the longitudinal Mount Petkai disappeared, and the former stuttering center went from there to the left gate.

Mr. Vasas advanced early in the gameFurrs:

After a few minutes, Budavuk settled down. Ihrig-Farkas Sebestyn tried to hit the ball but from a strange position sent the ball to the far fans but Vasas-Farkas made an amazing save. Gergeli Pobel, returning home from Portugal, found himself in a shooting situation, but the 11-meter attempt was defeated by Pace Barnabas.

Vasas also started to move to the second well, and the difference increased in the 50th minute. Bobl scored a superb shot from Szivacski Dont, and the Angelalf right defender hit from nine meters to the left of the goal.

In the sequel, Vasas was in complete control of the confrontation, and Budafok had no real stand. In the 80th minute, Vasas won the match. Seely Eric collected a ball in front of the Budavok goal, in the middle of the next goal Rad Anders, who pushed the goal to the left from six metres.

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In the 82nd minute, the speaker gathered in Budavuk. In the swap, Myklina Mixinai fired a massive 22-meter grenade at Jufa Levent, so that the former goalkeeper Frady would not cross the fourth championship mark without grabbing the gauntlet.

Attila Kotor also won their third home game of the seasonFurrs:

Academy Szeged-Siesand knocked out guest Dorog 1-0. Star Darius scored the match in the 55th minute. Residents of Sigd came out for the first time this time.

On the other hand, Gere, Szentelrink and Nyregiza maintained their strength: the former with a 4-1 defeat against Bodards and the latter with two goals with a 2-2 draw, so that Sentelrink equalized in the 93rd minute.

Merkantil Bank Liga NB II, 4th fordul
Vasas Budavok 3-1 (1-0)
Budars-Gyri ETO 1-4 (0-1)
Dorog Szeged 1-0 (0-0)
Zentelrink – Nerezza 2-2 (0-0)