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Vasas wins and leads NB II already

In the 12th round of NB II football, Vasas won the third. Suburb jumped against TVE and with a win to the top of the table.

Fass entered the field in the consciousness of the third slope. District TVE against the fact that in case of victory you can jump to the top of the table and with one point ahead of Kecskemét, the progression is doubled.

In the 14th minute, the host team was able to take a 1 – 0 lead, as Vasas hit the ball after a cross from the right. Zsombor Berecz passed in the middle to Erik Silye who fired from 25 meters into the left side of the goal without modification.

Angelfold’s side almost attacked in the first half, creating a situation whenever they wanted, but the ends were inaccurate and Joseph Balaz also defended superbly.

In the second part of the game, Óbuda’s team played more fierce football, but Vasas could have scored more goals if he played more accurately.

Otegba was shown in his hair, giving Zappulex Kimenes a human advantage and an 11th-place finish, but a routine Buri Gabor penalty kick was defended by Jova Levente in the 78th minute.

In the last minutes, he pressed his opponent in the third. District, but could not equalize, Vasas won 1-0 and took the lead in NB II.

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