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Vegetables stay much fresher if you put them in the fridge this way: Here’s a simple and inexpensive trick – Home

Has it occurred to you that the vegetables you bought this weekend weren’t worth Wednesday? Not only is this a nuisance, but a waste, not even saving your wallet.

However, it is not possible to run a race against time from week to week and consume or cook all the vegetables before they decompose. You may want to use a simple home practice to extend the life of your vegetables.

This keeps vegetables fresh

Freshness of vegetables can be further preserved with a very cheap but effective trick. You will only need a few hundred forints, but in return you can save thousands.

The miracle worker is the paper towel. All you have to do is arrange the vegetable tray with it and put the vegetables on it. Paper with good absorbency will play an important role. Moisture evaporates from vegetables during storage. As this moisture condenses in the bare tray and creates a damp medium that promotes deterioration, the paper towel absorbs it. Thanks to a drier environment, vegetables don’t wilt or ripen prematurely. If you don’t use a paper towel for environmental reasons, an absorbent kitchen towel may work.

Plus two tips

Many people spoil their vegetable storage by washing every piece and putting it in the storage drawer while it’s still damp. Some people do it because of haste, while others believe that the water put in the pot, the vegetables, are also good for the water, and the moisture remaining on the surface will extend their life.

However, vegetables that have already been picked and put in the refrigerator do not need water at all, they begin to rot faster. If you want to put vegetables in the fridge by washing them, wipe them dry first or let them air dry completely on a kitchen towel.

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Finally, it is also important to store vegetables and fruits separately, since many fruits evaporate ethylene, which also accelerates the process of ripening and spoilage, thereby shortening the life of vegetables. They include apples, bananas, yellows, peaches, mangoes and kiwis. So, if you want to keep it fresh, never avoid veggies! Store them separately!

What should not be frozen?

Never freeze the following ready-made meals: their texture and flavor will deteriorate as a result of freezing.

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