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Velvet – Gumicukor – Dóra Danics X-Factor Prize Scattered: Previous Winners Spent 12 Million

It started three weeks ago x factor Jubilee, season 10, and although there are those who think they’ve run out of uncut diamonds yet, so it doesn’t make sense to hunt for talent every year, the RTL Club program is still very popular.

The talent recorder broke weekly viewership records, and as with all series, so in the pre-selection, quite a few contestants actually said they were clearly leading toward victory. The prize again this year is HUF 1 million per month for a year, accompanied by a car and a luxury trip.

Focus Report has collected that so far The winners By the time millions were spent for victory.

  • 2010 X-Factor winner Csaba Vastag spent his career gains – on recordings, clips, and concerts – but didn’t spend the Ft himself. He donated his prize car to his younger brother, Tamas, who rested the car for two years and then sold it.
  • Tibor Kochis, the 2011 X-Factor winner, says it was strange at first to transfer an unexpectedly large amount into his bank account each month, but he made the most money and bought an apartment.
  • 2012 X-Factor first place winner, Gergő Oláh, lived in very good conditions with his family before looking for talent. When the first batch of the prize arrived, he took his loved ones to a mall where everyone could get what they wanted.
  • first winner, Dora Danix He said:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough at the time and clapped a lot of that money in a relatively short amount of time.

The singer, who spent little money on her career, explained: she preferred to go on vacation with her friends, and also invited them to concerts and festivals, or rented a beautiful apartment.

  • The first winning duo of talent scouts, Rico and Claudia, spent a portion of the award treating the wheelchair singer. The 2017 winners presented their trip to Seychelles to a dear friend.
  • The last season of talent search, i.e. 2019, was won by Tippi Russo of Balogújfalu, who bought a house.
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