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Velvet – Gumicukor – Eva Horvath recreated the hottest bikini shot – this is how much her body has changed in 20 years

He delighted his fans on his community site with a recording he said was a treasure twenty years ago. Eva Horvat. The model’s presenter, who has been living in Bali with her husband and two young sons since the beginning of the year, has taken out magazine shots to show just how much her body has changed over the past two decades.

mother of two She won the Miss World pageant in Hungary in 1998 and included a recent photo in the same kneeling position. On the beach as he was in the studio at the time stretched.

Now and 20 years old! (This was my favorite pose that year.) Scroll down for a photo from 20 years ago! It’s scary to say, (anyway: the human body obviously changes which is very normal) we can’t always be 20 (unfortunately). However, during this time, there are many useful things to do, such as developing and learning! I am now developing all the cartilage in my body through yoga

Eva Horvat Books. If you want to see it was made 20 years ago Photoyou have to scroll.

His followers fail to praise his mother of two, who many say has changed almost nothing in the past two decades.

(Cover image: Éva Horváth. Photo: TV2 / Ruff István)

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