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Velvet – Gumicukor – Fluor Tomi: The fact that the song is similar to Tibi Kasza’s song is even rougher than your mother k.rva

The air shined on the podcast Drum + Bass, when Tamas Karason, aka Tommy Fleur, drew heavy criticism of Tibi Kasha.

Rapper from the well-known music formation Wellhello was a guest on the show with fellow musician László Csöndör, also known as Diaz. Wicked comments reactionwhich they received on YouTube through one of their songs. As it turns out, it is often read, and there are times when it is answered, then pepper.

The rapper pointed out that he wasn’t wearing it specifically well when someone compared her to Tippi Kasha, the Wheel of Fortune host.

But I put myself! Well, I say, I was offended in many ways, but the fact that the song is similar to the song Tibi Kasha is tougher than your mother k.rva. If they get drunk, I say well: to hit or not to hit, but if they look like a cup of my goodness, I hit!

The rapper said and then laughed. He added: It is true that they are distorted, but not so much that they listen to the Tibetan Kasha.

There was also a sarcastic commentator who noted that Diaz’s voice was exactly the same as that of R-GO singer Szikora Robobi.

The full video is available here:

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