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Velvet – Gumicukor – This is how Peti Puskás-Dallos asked for his partner’s hand

Puskás-Dallos Bogi believed that his love would devote himself only to the request of the girl in 5-6 years, so he was very surprised when Peti pulled a ring from behind the game console.

The young couple gave JOY magazine their first big interview since the wedding, which reveals every detail of the girl’s request..

I remember the first moment we introduced the other as “my husband” and “my wife”: we also looked at each other to make sure we were husband and wife, we did.

Betty said.

Our relationship has deepened even more, which is an amazing feeling. And we still had to practice our new name – we both became Puskás-Dallos – especially if we fell for something.

The new wife replied. Peti Puskás-Dallos also told exactly how the girl was asked, because – unlike the wedding – there were only two witnesses to this event..

I thought we’d be sitting on the porch of our vacation home and while we were admiring the view, I’d kneel down and ask for his hand. Then, finally, I automatically asked him the big question in the house. One day, Boogie was in a bad mood, and that’s when a friend of ours came to visit us and told us about his engagement. After I accompanied him, it occurred to me that if he had known since I was preparing for him, he would definitely not be sad. Guided by a sudden thought, I told him, “My love, come on, I’ll show you something.” We walked into the office and took the ring off the lid of the PlayStation case, then got down on our knees and asked for his hand, “Bring my house to life.” It couldn’t be more perfect! I thought he wanted me to be his wife one day, but I thought he would be successful in 5-6 years.

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