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Velvet – Kockahas – André Vásáry gained a lot of muscle

Although he wasn’t the athletic type before, he is now muscular, With an athletic body and a dice brag Andre Vasari. a A star is born She became a soprano 2 years ago He exercised regularly, and it became the fruit of his stamina.

The singer was advised by a friend of a psychologist to start moving.

I started training during the first wave of the pandemic when I felt the ground suddenly slipped out from under my feet for lack of performances. Then sports became a part of my life, even though I wasn’t the athletic type before. It’s funny to say I’ve forgiven myself

to explain HintsVásáry, who is currently resting in California, USA. This series of photos was taken in Palm Springs:

Although he tries to pay attention to what he’s eating, he can’t say no to sweets.

A friend of my fitness trainer here said I’m a great fit for this and can take it more seriously, but I don’t want to overdo it. I try to pay attention to the meal, but unfortunately I can’t resist sweets, so I’d rather eat a few cookies and then do cardio than give up the delicacies.

The singer noted.



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