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Velvet – Life – Liptai Claudia decided it was time for a lifestyle change

The host has also demonstrated his skills as a motivational coach, but has also begun to change his lifestyle, as part of dieting and running.

Claudia Liptai has tried herself in a new field, with whom a high-ranking official can now meet as a motivational coach.

I have been preparing for the solo evening for a long time, and a motivational performance has been put in place from the preparations for it. With the help of Kriszta and dám, I also prepared a presentation and held my first motivational lecture. I am so glad my wish came true. Giving a motivational lecture is a very exciting task, especially at 9 am to a group of people, but I really enjoy it

Claudia Liptay revealed on 95.8 Sláger FM that this is not the only new thing in her life.

I’m not a fan of diets, and I can’t stand them, but now I’ve decided to do something. I have my last meal at 6 pm and don’t eat until 10 am the next day. Of course, there is a scientific basis for this, it works for me. It’s a bit tricky for me because I’m always hungry in the morning, and I like to eat breakfast almost immediately after waking up, but you can get used to this new regime. In addition to running, I am now trying to try myself on this land as well. I go jogging on the island of Hagogyari, although only for short distances and only listen to music, but I also enjoy this very much. I’m excited and determined, let’s see how far I can go

– Claudia Liptay said in EdesKettes.

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