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Velvet – Randi – Dávid Miller: Those who only write that they are in love with me do not always know what to do

The X-Factor presenter spoke honestly about the mental burdens he carried with him for years, his career struggles, and even his breakup.

So far, David Miller himself has accepted, and as he says, that heavy burden has borne him.

I accept myself, and I know that’s who I am, let’s just say it was a very serious business for me to get here. I realized I needed to work on this and also sought help from a specialist.

– Said the presenter who said that this mentality was greatly affected by the fact that the artist came from a family.

At the beginning of my journey, I struggled so hard to be recognized for myself, not because my parents, grandparents, or great-grandfathers did something. I realized that I was only putting pressure on myself because my family did not impose any coercion on me.

In addition to the stage, the artist, who has also appeared in RTL Klub’s featured shows – Breakfast, X-Factor, The Teacher – also spoke about InStyle Magazine In his columns he faced his appearance in the movie Red Sparrow as a real shock.

I had a really bad and hard time experiencing the scene which was really what I vowed to do, it’s been clipped one by one, and all that’s left for me is to stand naked next to Jennifer Lawrence. It didn’t feel good in my skin and I feel uncomfortable to think about it again.

David Miller said, adding that instead of a Hollywood production, a Teacher The series brought him the expected breakthrough. David Miller also told the magazine about his private life, specifically his lack of it.

I receive a lot of messages, and also reply to a lot of people, but for those who just write that they are in love with me, I don’t always know what to do with it, although there is one … I want to have a private life but for now for 10 years . I’ve made a few attempts since then, but I can’t put anyone in my life. I like to give my attention and express my concern, but I won’t have time for that right now.

The singer said.

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