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Velvet – Randi – This is how Shane Tusup chose Zsófi Szabó .’s wedding ring

In an extraordinary time, on February 22, 2022, at 10:22 p.m., Shane Tossup asked Zsófi Szabó, who girl request Timed for their luxury holiday in Monaco. The American coach has been secretly prepared for the matter since December, and has even asked the host’s mother, Palm, for permission to join the charter.

As it turned out, Tusup, who at that time was known to the world as the husband or coach of three-time Olympic champion Long Katinka, did not leave anything to chance. Moreover, the appropriate ring was chosen not by her alone, but with the help of her mother, Cheryl Ann Tosop, who saw it again in December after two and a half years.

Shane is a character who loves things that revolve around her smoothly. It is no coincidence that you almost always plan in advance. When he was finally able to offer his love to his mother in person, he was excited about how the two most important people in his life came together. However, Cheryl was fascinated by Bezoff for a minute, and when Shane asked her mother what she would say if she was her bride, she made the woman so happy that she even helped her son choose an engagement ring.

Whisper Hot! magazineAn acquaintance requests anonymity.

Zsófi Szabó and Shane Tusup found him six months ago on top of each other. Classic dates are missed, more at the host’s apartment they met – The young mother was referring to her four-year-old son, Mendel. Although the question is how the Tusup was able to adapt to the daily life of a young preschooler, they were able to make friends within a few months. The coach helps a Hungarian language teacher several times a week, and the communication between him and little Mendel has become smoother.

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