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Vera Tooth collapsed crying and admitting her pain

It officially ended on Saturday Tooth Vera Stone. The singer was recently infected with the Coronavirus after receiving a vaccine against the virus. According to Vera, this is also due to the fact that she survived the difficult days without a hospital, despite being mentally and physically affected by the disease.

– It’s hard to write about this. It’s a delicate topic, which I try to understand, and if it passes by one person, it’s really worth forming letters. (…) Two and a half weeks, I could catch it while at work, two days after the vaccination. So I didn’t enjoy protection since the first screen, so I got to the right mask (ffp2), (I recently wore a double mask)) by following the rules, “Vera started her long posts.

Crowned thoughts. It’s hard to turn around. Delicate topic, understandable experience, and if you pass by one person, you can …

Posted by Tooth Vera On Saturday 24 April 2021

“I felt like an alien swimming through my body, from head to toe, and he would joke sometimes that he was heading the wall or the floor with me, very dizzy. My back was attacked every hour by a flock of cats with a sharp vine, my scalp was tingling, and my eyes were very dry Like a pathologist, I hurt so much when I moved it that I also felt my tears like hydrochloric acid. Vera said in his post that he recommends that everyone have a pulse oximeter or blood oxygen meter.

The singer is grateful that her condition has not become more serious, which she says is due to the vaccination. After feeling very distressed, the forehead began to show symptoms similar to inflammation, and on the fourth day of the illness, the singer’s sense of smell disappeared.

The production of stomach acid through shortness of breath and nervousness does not help free air flow either. My cabin is ready for a cough, and when you think better this morning, you greet the morning with a whistling lung and a claustrophobic education that embarrasses a wolf lung patient, then he makes you dizzy, the wall or the floor comes, but you go to bed.

Vera feels there is no other way out of this disease and terrible virus other than vaccination. The singer trusts medicine and also trusts that as many people as possible will register for the vaccination.

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