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Vera Tooth receives hundreds of derogatory notes – she responded to the attacks with excruciating honesty

Much of Vera Tóth is under attack for her looks, so now she has responded to harsh remarks in an agonizingly candid situation.

The beautifully-voiced winner of the first Megastar series, Vera Tóth, has achieved amazing weight loss in recent months, and people are almost wondering how awesome she looks. He recently uploaded two pictures of himself that some say looks like he regained a few pounds, so there were those who touched him with pretty harsh words – the singer had a cup full and was now speaking publicly with the attackers.

Vera Tooth fulfilled the dream of a young girl who underwent brain surgery

Vera Tooth fulfilled the dream of a young girl who underwent brain surgery

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“Shame of the body,” or “shame of the body,” is one of the most recent topics today.It doesn’t seem like a good idea often to highlight the physical flaws of others in a large social gathering, family event, to appear funny through the constant meandering of this part of the body that is It’s a problem, and we usually laugh at everyone who is there, even the ones we’re talking about? Or to see in the comment that they are abusing my character and waiting for the final satisfaction of the painful reaction that they can extract from me? Of course this is all a disgrace. I am a good woman. For years, I have worked hard, working in healing conditions, or alone, immersed in myself, so as not to harm myself because of my body, to be kind to myself, and finally to leave many false feelings and motivations. It was more difficult than I thought because I I was not injured when the scales showed 50 pounds more, but since I got much less. The mummy of some people whose eyes, since they lost weight, has become the object of self-ideology and self-reassurance. Since yesterday, I have received hundreds of comments. About how I got fat again, and where do I lose aloo Zen? Even if I lost weight, I would still be proud of myself for the results I achieved, but I am not lying, I was touched by hurtful words. I describe this only because the long journey of self-knowledge, wound healing, in vain, we are sensitive, we have fears, there are many failures we go through with our bodies, and in vain we have lost so much. A comment like this can put you back in a situation we don’t want to get into anymore. It’s very easy to hurt someone, so I say if you don’t think about it please try a little bit because it hurts someone else, but I know it’s not always that. Target. With a little care, we can avoid educating a spiritually paralyzed community with our data. And if that still makes you happy, then I recommend spending some time with yourself, why should this please you? I don’t think I’m the cause of your pain … ”

Vera Tooth Books.

We can hope that a celebrity’s honest thoughts affect people on some level, as there are already more and more people who speak to others without conscience online, as if they don’t care at all about how painful they are they do.

Here you can see Vera Tóth’s post:

Vera Tóth’s brother, Gabi Tóth, raised a similar topic recently:

Gabe Toth considers herself Gabe Toth considers herself

Gabe Tooth considers herself a “cauldron body” and does not dare to undress in front of others

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Cover photo: Tóth Vera / Profimedia

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