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Vera Toth’s voice is gone

The coronavirus pandemic two years ago was too stressful for entertainment and for hospitality workers. Many have lost their jobs, and many people have had to try themselves in a field other than their profession to be able to provide for their families. Vera ToothWorn for the past two years, it’s been pretty deep after contracting the coronavirus – that’s what he wrote in his last post.

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“I’ll be honest, so much has happened in some way in the past year that I completely internalized the inner workings of surviving the complications of coronavirus both physically and mentally. After Covidom last April, I searched for my voice for three months, there was no support in my diaphragm, and took the cat The technique, the voices, and I sang again, which was so exhausting spiritually and I thought I’d never be able to sing like before. It totally dragged me, because for me theater is my life, I wondered what would happen to me, if I couldn’t sing the way I used to again ?Then I got stronger and stronger, all I needed came back, but I was not at the top spiritually. Is it the constant worry, the despair in my profession that I can create in the same way I used to create? And if not, what do I do? I was so preoccupied with my mental health and neglected My body a little bit.It also made me gain a few pounds because the main goal wasn’t to train and look good, but to balance myself out. Lately, I’ve gotten stronger again, I feel like running and training again, and I think I’ve been through a lot of work rouge Alive, leave me alone. Strength, energy, motivation… This is what I wish for myself and all my buddies who have lost a little bit in Covid. I mean, we can do anything, we just have to go, get over our stress, our fears, our frustrations, our anxieties and, above all, the dark side of ourselves… I ran 5 km today, tired… I think he understood, even if far from The goal, every sports day is a victory for me, and a small step for myself, if I inspire you, then for yourself” – She writes in her letter the singer who is the one Preparing for a large-scale concertwhere Miklósa will take the stage with Erika.

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