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Verstappen isn’t the only one who can stand a chance at Hamilton’s place – F1VILÁG.HU

Lewis Hamilton’s current contract expires at the end of this season, However, the British pilot recently said that he is not yet considering holding back and wants to continue the race in 2022.

Hamilton and Mercedes He is expected to sit down to negotiate a resume before the summer break.

However, Mercedes also has to think about what would happen if the now seven-time world champion was no longer with the team: In the international press, Max Verstappen is constantly being harassed by the German stable, On the other hand, Toto Wolff says the Dutch are not the only ones who deserve attention.

“One is always interested in the group of people who can sit in a Mercedes in the future,” the specialist said in a statement to the Italian version of

“Max is without a doubt a great future star, but he is not the only one. I see a group of great young people who are not yet in the car they will need to win.”

“From this point of view, it is good to see how things are going.”

At Mercedes anyway The opportunity for a young talent, George Russell, could come next year, If the team decides not to renew Valtteri Bottas’ expired contract. On the other hand, Toto Wolf explained this It gives the Finnish pilot the opportunity to prove it.

“Valtteri will remain our contestant and I will always be loyal to our pilots. Nevertheless, we all have a duty to explore opportunities. From this point of view, we have to look at all possibilities from the point of view of the two cars.”

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“Because we also have two small Mercedes in Estep [Ocon] And in the character of George, they also play a role. In addition, we pay attention to other talents who are showing strong form. But I only pay attention to two riders today, Walter and Lewis. ”

“Lewis has always been with Mercedes. An integral part of the team. You add a lot to the performance of your team and he is the most visible person among those who work on the team and plays a major role in our success.”