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Verstappen says it could be decisive over the weekend

Max Verstappen At that one-round pace, the focus will be big at the end of the season this weekend. And he will arrive in Abu Dhabi with the same result as his Dutch rival Lewis Hamilton.

Although the Red Bull rider was surprisingly able to win on the track last year, he doesn’t think he will automatically predict success this year.

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“First of all, I’m excited to be back in Abu Dhabi,” Verstappen said on the Red Bull announcer before the race.

“Last year’s bottom line was not always the best starting point, as a number of factors played a role. I missed a little bit of speed last weekend, but now hopefully it will be different.”

The outline of the track in the UAE has changed at several points since last year’s race. Verstappen is already wondering how this will affect Red Bull’s performance.

“The track in Yas Marina underwent some changes that made it faster,” the Dutchman explained. “It will be interesting to see that this changes the situation of the car. A good timekeeper will be very important in Abu Dhabi, and we hope to be able to perform well.”

Whatever the finish, Verstappen is proud of what Red Bull has achieved this year. The Dutch are confident that the team will do everything in their power to achieve ultimate success.

“We have had a lot of victories and great moments this year. Overall, we are more competitive than we were a year ago. As a team, we can be very proud of what we have achieved this year. I know the team will do everything to win the World Cup. We have in front of us,” said the Dutchman. An exciting race, and we want to finish the year off as much as possible.”

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One of the most exciting races ever is the weekend

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