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Verstappen’s circuit has been ‘destroyed’ by Perez and Konuda’s fault

After a convincing performance in third free practice, Red Bull was the timekeeper’s favourite at the Mexican Grand Prix, but in the end, surprisingly, defeated both Mercedes Verstappen and Perez.

Verstappen and Perez had to improve a lot by their calculated second lap to finish the race ahead of Mercedes: Verstappen was 0.350sec behind Bottas.

Verstappen felt he could have improved, but in the second sector, Red Bull’s hopes crumbled like a castle of paper. Juki Konoda, who started from the end of the field anyway, made a foul in the second sector, confusing Perez and then Verstappen, and the Dutch took his lap and spoke on the radio with the words “h*lye idiot” as his teammates drove in front of him.

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“Apparently, our car didn’t balance well during the timer,” Verstappen, whose rear wing was repaired with a tape measure due to an unspecified problem, assessed his qualifications.

“However, the last nail would have been fine, but I don’t know what happened in front of me. They both went off the track, so I thought the yellow flag was coming and I took the gas, which of course ruined my nails.”

“I think even if it didn’t go well with the car, we got first place. It’s not a good result, but it’s still better than starting from second place,” Verstappen indicated that this is how he would get his windshield from Bottas after the start.

The result surprised even MercedesHowever, Verstappen is not worried about tomorrow’s competition:

“It’s not a good time for us, but we won’t be using these (the soft red tyres) tomorrow anyway, so all is not lost.”

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