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Very bad news came about the house of Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 somehow doesn’t want to “come into the world”. Ubisoft last spoke about the project last July at a conference in the company’s first fiscal quarter. At the time, Frederic Doggett said it would be too early to say now if the game would release in fiscal year 2024, but they’re making good progress.

That statement alone didn’t mean much, so fans kept groping in the dark. Now, however, trusted insider Tom Henderson has brought some very disturbing news about the game. According to Henderson, BGAE2 is experiencing a creative crisis because it has lacked “creative direction” from the start. This may mean that the creative processes of the project are not actually supervised.

The DualShockers reporter added that the situation worsened when Michel Ancel retired in September 2020 and withdrew from the project. In August, another trusted person, Jeff Group, revealed that development of the PlayStation-exclusive survival adventure game, Wild, has been discontinued. According to a VentureBeat reporter, it’s also possible that Michel Ansel’s retirement was responsible for stopping the project, as Ansel was running the project. Now that appears to be the case for Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well. Some developers told Henderson that they thought it was “just a matter of time” and that they would blow up the project. Moreover, Henderson explained that the game’s situation is also complicated by the fact that it simply does not fit into Ubisoft’s future plans. Perhaps the reporter here thinks that the publisher is moving too much towards live games: 3 free Tom Clancy games are also being made, the structure of Assassin’s Creed is completely changing and something similar is also planned with Far Cry.

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The insider also said that some people only call Beyond Good and Evil 2 “Skull & Bones 2.0”. Skull & Bones was also built in disastrous conditions for a long time, but the project appears to have been on the right track for some time. By the way, Henderson has been preparing a report on BGAE2 for weeks now. However, he said it took him a long time to reconcile what he heard, noting that anyone with any information about the state of the game should contact him privately. So it’s possible we can learn more about Beyond Good and Evil 2 in the coming weeks.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was first revealed in 2008, and since then it’s only been possible to see new gameplay and a preview in 2017 and 2018.