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Vettel literally “easy” second free exercise

It didn’t turn out brightly Aston Martin The second free driver training in Monaco is the Grand Prix, with Vettel and Strol also turning gray in midfield. However, the four-time world champion caused some hilarious moments for the fans when he joked on the radio that he was sensitive because in fact something happened in his eyes.

“I don’t know what happened,” Vettel began to talk about his unusual problem. “I went through the first stage, then something happened in my eyes and it got worse during the second stage. It didn’t bleed, but as I said on the radio, I was sensitive or something else happened.”

“I was just tearing and tearing, then blinking all over the circle. There was nothing perfect in a path like this. But the team was so fit, and that’s what they did for me,” Vettel appeared in a funny shadow. “So I think I’ll keep this one for safety all weekend.”

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Aston Martin made a number of improvements to this major prize, and Vettel was pleased with the speed he showed despite his modest result. According to the four times world champion, they can target points in the race.

“I was very happy. We picked up the rhythm quickly, then as I said, I lost a little bit of my eyesight, but overall it was fine. It will always be tight here, but obviously the midfield will still be tight, hopefully at the start.”

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“I hope we keep doing it until finally everything comes together,” continued Vettel, who never qualified to fifth in Monaco. “It’s all about Saturday, and it’s not tomorrow, it’s just the day after tomorrow, so we still have time,” concluded Vettel, who Lance Stroll agreed with.

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The Canadian pilot declared “too tight.” “We need to look at some things tonight, but we’ll see what we can do on Saturday. We definitely need to work on some little things. But we’ll have a full day off tomorrow, so we can review things, and then we can come back with some more ideas.” For Saturday morning. “