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Vettel was on a former racer’s farm between weekends

Between race weekends in Mexico and Brazil, Sebastian Vettel visited Pedro Deniz, a former Formula 1 driver, at his farm in Brazil.

The couple had never met in person, but Vettel was keen to learn about and discuss Deniz’s sustainable farming project on the family farm in Fazenda da Tocan, in the São Paulo region.

“I’ve known Pedro since he was in Formula One.” Tell Vettel, who has spoken out in favor of the environment in recent years.

“But I actually read his name recently, not about car racing, but about what he’s trying to achieve with his farming venture.”

“I find it a great area – quite literally! There is a lot of responsibility and connection to doing it the right way, because it is often done wrong.”

“As the world progresses, there will be increasing pressure to do it the right way.”

Deniz ended his career in Formula One in 2000, moving to Forte, Leger, Arrowse, Sauber and Prost and finishing fifth.

Since then, he has devoted his life to green farming. On the family farm, agroforestry methods are used to grow different trees that help in balancing the production of needed biomass and the nutritional needs of plants and animals. He hopes this will start a revolution in Brazilian farming methods.

“It’s about putting things back on the ground rather than taking them out,” said Vettel, the 1979 Formula One world champion. Jody Scheckter biofarmján He also visited the United Kingdom.

“I do not consider myself an activist. But we all have to keep active, otherwise the future will not be great.”

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“It is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.”

“It’s nice to have a voice to use it, but the work has to be up front.”