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Vicky Metzker will be forever grateful for her wedding dress, and she’ll stand up in Hollywood too

Perhaps it’s no exaggeration to say that Vicky Metzker’s wedding dress would stand out on the red carpet even in Hollywood.

In many respects, the capacity of the Hungarian people is absolutely remarkable, and we have left our mark in almost every important area, including the altar of fashion. Nowadays, there are many opportunities for us to really be ourselves, to choose clothes that not only make us feel good, but also give us confidence.

This is even more important for women, especially when it comes to a wedding, as there is no more important event in a woman’s life. Most women prepare for their wedding since childhood, so it is no wonder that wedding dress and wedding dresses are of paramount importance.

We can say that we face an embarrassment of exuberance, as we have a lot of talented and excellent designers who dream of more special clothes. Vicki Metzker’s priority was also to wear clothes to her wedding that would completely recreate her personality and make her feel like nothing else.

After hairstylist Evelin Gáspár, the group is serious

This is thanks to the expertise of SHERY salon and Andrea Metzger. We’ve seen some pictures of the wedding dress before, which readers can now admire up close.

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