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Victor Urban: Brussels. killer!

Viktor Urban traveled to Brussels to attend the two-day EU summit that begins in the evening. Upon his arrival, the Prime Minister published a video recording in which he wrote that the government is protecting Hungarian families. The prime minister also mentioned that immigration and environmental protection will be discussed in Brussels. As he said, the costs of climate protection should be paid for by the big climate-destroying companies.

Viktor Urban also said that treating the epidemic will be discussed in Brussels.Hungary usually receives congratulations at this time, as we are ranked first and second among the countries of the European Union in terms of vaccination in Europe. It was confirmed by the Prime Minister, who added: There will also be talk of immigration, but more importantly, the issue of the environment and climate protection will also be on the agenda.The prime minister emphasized that Hungary belongs to the group according to which climate protection costs must be paid by the big companies that destroy the climate. There is a group that prefers to pay for people and families. In the case of an average Hungarian family this can amount to 20,000 HUF per month. We cannot accept this, we support a solution that puts the cost of defense on climate destroyers. – Prime Minister Viktor Orban mentioned in his video post on his community page.

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