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Victoria Beckham comments on Michelin-starred chef: man admits acting in interview – World Star

Danny GarciaThe Michelin starred chef has not been pardoned To Victoria Beckham In his last TV interview.

The Spanish man made a statement on a local TV when David Beckham’s wife brought up the topic, writing daily Mail. As it turns out, the former Spice Girls member sweated hard for the chef at a wedding.

The Michelin-starred chef talks about Victoria Beckham’s eating habits

In 2019, Dani Garcia made a wedding list for Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio. The pair also invited the Beckhams to Lagz, which had Garcia bothered for a few hours.

Chef Danny Garcia says Victoria Beckham’s case is clearly difficult.

Photo by Brian Ash/Getty Images Hungary

“It was a very strange experience, Victoria Beckham changed the entire menu. It was very frustrating because not only me but also my team, the groom and the bride put a lot of energy into preparing a special menu,” he explained.

She said that Victoria ate completely different foods from others and that the dishes that she put before her consisted exclusively of vegetables.

– There were some strange things that I had never seen before in my life, he drank coconut water constantly, and next to him was a bowl of menthol sugar, and on the other side I kept the hydro-alcoholic antiseptic gel, which was very well known today, but few knew about it in That time, because Covid hasn’t started yet.


Photo: Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images Hungary

“It was hard to make a menu for Victoria that night,” he concluded.

This isn’t the first time that details of Beckham’s odd eating habits have been revealed. In 2004, for example, he only ate strawberries, which he washed with mineral water in front of him. The ban list includes foods fried in oil, butter, sauces, red meat and dairy products. His favorite is whole wheat toast.

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“I’m probably the worst nightmare of most restaurants,” the star admitted last year.

David Beckham’s words are also quoted in the British newspaper, he once said of his wife:

“Unfortunately, I married a woman who has been eating the same things for 25 years. Since I got to know him, he has only been eating grilled fish with steamed vegetables.

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