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Video of a hurricane hitting a church tower in France

The weather over the weekend was due to thunderstorms, strong winds and hail in some parts of France – mentioned ORF. However, the people living in the town of San Nicola de Borgell were able to experience a much rarer phenomenon, in which the hurricane developed so powerfully that it demolished the tower and roof of the local church. The case was also videotaped.

According to the photos taken on the spot, the debris not only fell into the parking lot next to the church, but also caused significant damage inside the building, but there were no personal injuries. Although the hurricane did not occur anywhere else, the storm caused trees to fall, sudden rains flooded basements, leaving thousands of families temporarily without power, and there were also problems with train transportation.

Guillaume Suvant/AFP

MTI also reported a minor tornado in the southern Belgium town of Boring on Saturday night, but seventeen minor injuries were reported there. The local Belgian news agency, citing the city administration, wrote that 92 buildings were damaged, about a dozen of which became uninhabitable.

Footage at the site shows houses with broken roofs, broken windows, and destroyed cars. Most of them were hit on the balcony of a café when the tornado suddenly struck on Saturday night.

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