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Video Reviews for My Hero Academia

  • It will debut in late October My hero academy movie in america
  • A poisonous virus is spreading across the planet
  • Japan’s top champions follow in the footsteps of brainchild

In 2014, My hero academy The first chapter of the manga is taken from the pen of Kōhei Horikosi, then the work soon conquered the Japanese anime world as well. The animated series based on the comics will be shown on Netflix, and a movie will be released in America at the end of October. Unfortunately, Hungarian cinema premieres are rarely announced, but one streaming service provider will have a chance to hit production.

a My hero academy It takes place in a world where almost everyone has some kind of super ability. Few people who are piled into heat cycles choose to protect people, but there are also villains, that is, those who use their extraordinary power to commit crimes. Sadly little Izuku is born without abilities, but after his brave act, the superhero trains him to be a defender.

(Image source: IMDB)

Follow a different story World Champions Mission. Terrorists pollute the world with a substance that prevents people’s abilities from being controlled. The Excellencies, who trained at the Heroic Academy of Japan, immediately follow in the footsteps of the brainchild so that he can be cited in court. You can see the action-packed preview below. How do you like it?

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