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Videos: Attack on a military base in Russia

Residents of the city of Bryansk reported that a helicopter flew over the base, then fired two shots and fled.

A shell hit part of a military base and a residential garden

– Publish Telegram locally.

In later recordings, rescue teams and personnel in military uniform investigated the site of the attacks.

An explosion blew out the windows of nearby houses and a woman was said to have tore her legs off.

According to the governor of Bryansk Oblast, four people were injured.

Residents of some parts of Clancy have reported short power and water outages.

This image first shows a cloud of smoke after the explosion, followed by a Russian Mi-28UB military helicopter.

This photo is allegedly taken from one of the craters after the attack:

Police set up checkpoints and searched vehicles:

Attacks were reported in the area early on Saturday and Monday, and a minor fire broke out at a military base on Saturday and four people were injured.

Here is a video of the situation after Saturday’s attack:

Alleged Ukrainian attacks have hit Russian settlements and facilities near the border in the past.

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Cover image illustration. Source: Leon Klein / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images