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VIP Farm: Monica Erdelli cries from morning to evening instead of praying

Monica Erdelli emphasized that we can’t hear a sentence from her mouth when she hurts or scolds others.

Monique Morning show on TV2 He was a guest in the company of the last person to drop out, Vicki Singh, who was also very disappointed. It was great to meet her What Noemi Naji said about her Behind him and because of that he would have decided otherwise in the duel today.

Monica has learned lessons similar to those of Vicki, and I would simply like to avoid people like those who they cannot recognize.

“What is your lesson?” Monica was asked about the time she spent on the farm. “The lesson is that you should avoid such people, you can’t necessarily get into them, I’m a sensitive soul, and so are you.”

“It is no coincidence that Monica Erdelli’s constant cries bother the audience. Really, I didn’t always cry, we laughed so hard until the barn and the house rang, but they didn’t show it because it’s not such a feeling.”

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