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Visit a museum to counteract the stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic

As part of three one-month trials, doctors in Brussels will be able to record museum visits aimed at restoring mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic.

At Brugmann Hospital, the largest hospital in the Belgian capital, five free visits are offered to patients being treated for stress caused by the coronavirus epidemic to the city’s museums – It can be read in the Guardian article. This type of treatment is part of a trial whose results will be published next year. If a museum visit proves successful in relieving other symptoms of fatigue and stress, they may introduce the “museum on prescription” procedure into medicine.

Brussels’ head of culture, Delphine Hoppa, said the research was inspired by a similar project in Quebec, Canada, where doctors recommended 50 museum visits per year for their patients.

In addition to the public institutions of the Grand-Place, the project includes the Museum of Fashion and Lace, the Canal Museum, Garderobe Manneken Pis and the Center for Contemporary Art.

Hoba said he hopes museums and private collections will join the project in the future. “I am convinced that all Belgian museums are able to show solidarity with vulnerable audiences and provide them with free access and support for their recovery.” – Tell.

Similar ideas for social prescriptions have already been tried in the UK and are still being used to treat dementia patients.

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