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Vodafone customers can use 5G in these 23 countries

Vodafone Hungary announced that 5G roaming services are now available to Vodafone Hungary customers in 23 countries when they visit abroad. Thanks to agreements with foreign service providers, customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas can now enjoy the benefits of a next-generation mobile network.

Compared to previous mobile network generations (3G, 4G), 5G is not nearly as widespread abroad, with a smaller group of service providers only having a 5G network. Most of them, like Vodafone Hungary, are innovative service providers who respond quickly to the needs of customers in their respective markets. Vodafone Hungary, in cooperation with them, has made 5G roaming available in 23 countries.

Vodafone customers who have a phone with a 5G plan can enjoy the benefits of 5G abroad without any additional charges. Mobile phones are automatically connected to the network within the 5G coverage area of ​​a Vodafone partner in that country if the device is 5G enabled.

This announcement may be of particular interest to winter sports enthusiasts if they travel to Austria, Switzerland or Italy in the near future, as these countries can already enjoy the outstanding capabilities of the next generation network, such as increased speed, capacity and minimal latency. . At the same time, 5G is available for roaming to more remote and hot winter destinations, including Thailand, which is very popular, as well as the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

Vodafone plans to enter into agreements with additional service providers in the future to ensure that customers do not have to forgo 5G benefits when traveling abroad.

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5G roaming is available to Vodafone customers in the following countries:

· United States of America

· Austria


– Bulgaria

· South Korea

· The United Arab Emirates

· United kingdom


· Holland

· Hong Kong


· China




· Germany

· Italy


· Switzerland

· Kingdom Saudi Arabia


· Thailand

· Turkey