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Volkswagen Golf R Variant 2021

VW employees had a great sense of showing off their sportiest station wagon on the racetrack, so we didn’t even have to dig into unfettered sections of German motorways to try it out, before we had enough of the 320 horsepower and a closed weekend. Postures without fear.

What can a station wagon golf and civilian version do on the road, You can read it here. In civilized mode, the R version is also able to perform these tricks, that is, it can take the family from here to there in silence and comfort, and then back, only if necessary, it can become very fast in a matter of seconds. But let’s focus more on the racetrack.

Bilster Berg

It is 4.2 kilometers long and relatively wide Racetrack There are 19 turns, but not the bends, but the varied terrain makes the track particularly interesting. Of course, only for those who tolerate roller coaster rides, because when overcoming 44 small and large hills and pits, level differences of more than 200 meters can be collected in one run. For fun, the track designers also designed a 26 percent slope for the track, even jokingly combining it with a sharp left turn. Anyone who wasn’t heartbroken here at first is a really tough guy.

Below is the path path and in the upper left corner is the topography profile:

We’ve been made to put the Drift on a concrete slab of uncompromising size, which will almost certainly be properly disposed of on an assured basis. By pressing the R button on the steering wheel, the system instantly switches to Race mode, and from here you can activate Drift mode. Since this isn’t a road setting, you’ll be asked if you really want it, and then if you stick with it, the image will turn red. From here, we have one more thing, ESP, which has become more lenient, should be completely deactivated. Then put the gear manually together and the madness can begin. In theory, with a nicely lowered steering wheel, which swings with a large throttle, we could cross it right away, without any special training.

With Drift Mode, you can clown for hours

And this is really the case, you just need to pay attention to the gas, after you start to slide it is no longer worth pushing on the floor, just playing with it. On the other hand, it is worth preparing for the fact that during unruly steering it is easy to press the R button on the left side of the steering wheel – others inadvertently turn on the steering wheel heater on the right side of the steering wheel. ESP is the car when it fits just right. So installing this button in a lower frequency location may be more fortunate. On the other hand, fun and laughter are guaranteed if you have a Golf R Performance, you don’t have to wait for the first snow for it.

The family favorite has gone wild - the 2021 VW Golf R Variant 9

Brake discs are getting bigger and thicker

In the field, we tried the special function, which distinguishes itself from others with a seemingly harmless green background – a reference to green to hell – But it isn’t at all. While this does not automatically deactivate the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), it is more lenient and, if necessary, the driver exits cautiously from jams. On the surprisingly good track, you can gently toss the bottom of the station wagon and let the car slide before gently stepping in. It’s really an experience to play with him on the court because he doesn’t beat your nose at every little mistake, he just brushes it off really well. Here, the seven-speed DSG played a role as well, getting quick in Sport mode, the brakes could handle countless driven revs without hesitation, and it only had to go slower after 5-6 runs to have time to cool off.

The family favorite has gone wild - VW Golf R Variant 2021 10

The four exhausts sound good too

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