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Voyager 1 heard a plasma hum in interstellar space

Voyager 1 long ago left the boundaries of the Solar System and is now “navigating” interstellar space through the heliosphere. The spacecraft was launched in 1977 and is considered one of the most man-made objects.

The probe devices have now captured interstellar plasma waves, which is a completely natural phenomenon but can provide interesting information for researchers – writes. a Natural Astronomy For example, according to a study published in a scientific journal, they may help understand how the interstellar medium interacts with the solar wind and how the heliosphere of the solar system affects the interstellar environment.

James Cordes, a researcher at Cornell University, explained the interstellar medium as

Constant and calm rain, sometimes disturbed by the solar wind,

But as if lightning is in the rain – everything is calm. Based on the Voyager-1 measurements, the expert said there may be more plasma activity in the medium than previously thought. This allows scientists to study the plasma distribution, even when solar flares don’t interfere with the measurements.

According to experts, these measurements are very important because for the first time we have the opportunity to directly study the plasma of the interstellar medium.

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