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Wagner Love does not come to Kisvarda; Kazakh president jailed

As is known, Ferencvaros, who is interested in qualifying for the Premier League, and Kisvarda, who starts in the European Conference League, also received a Kazakh opponent in the European Cup draw last week. The journalist of, Alexander Strelnikov, was asked about the duo of Topol, Kagrat Almaty and the power relations in Kazakhstan that await the Hungarian troops.

Vágner Love Kajrat helped win another two goals in the Kazakhstan Cup final last November, but said goodbye to the club this winter (Photo:

In the Future Cup, the opponent of Ferencvaros and Kisvarda, the champion is the defending champion Topolpan And the cup winner Kajarat in Almaty It is common for the Kazakh front line in spring and autumn to start the 2022 season weaker than expected – after 4 games in the first and fourth in the last – and uncoached in late May and early June. On the small bench in Topol, the Kazakh Serb, who replaced Alexander Moskalenko Milan Milanovic He led the champion in two matches so far (both won 4-2 and 1-0), while Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan Kirill Kicker A He started last weekend with a 1-0 victory.

Milan: We know who our opponent is quoted the technical director of future Ferencvaros competitor, Topol, as saying on Wednesday regarding the BL qualifiers in July.

“We know that we are meeting with the legendary Budapest team. Ferencváros has a glorious past and great traditions
He said Milan Milanovic.There are 24 legions playing in Ferencvaros (24 foreigners played in the FTC last season, but this number has tripled in the summer – edition). He became the champion for the 33rd time. We know who to play with, Ferencvaros is a very strong team, and the same players have been the heart of the team for several years. It is not easy to defeat such an experienced goalkeeper, but we would definitely like to win, especially at home.”

“Milan Milanovic previously worked with Irtis Pavlodar in Kazakhstan, which allowed him to go to Kostanay, Tobol, after the results of this year could not be accepted by the local, regional or club management, so they replaced Alexander Moskalenko, despite winning the championship with the team of the year Past. – He began his assessment of the situation at the request of the National Sports Alexander StrelnikovAnd the The journalist. – In Kairat, the problem is that the club’s president and owner, Kagrat Burunbayev, has been imprisoned, so the club is saving up and more people can leave, even outside the framework and management. Previously with the club, Kirill Kicker is a promising young coach, but she still has a lot to prove.”

Our Kazakh colleague has mainly reported negative developments in the two tires since last year’s championship title (Tobol) and the cup win (Kagrat).

“Tobol has not weakened significantly for this season since last year, but the goalkeeper of the national team left in a few days, Dimitrij Nebogodov defender of the national team, Dmitriy Mirosnichenko. In Kajrat, there is a great deal of uncertainty. The Brazilian national team striker known 25 times, Wagner Love He left the club in January, but many have since left, with another star on the team, With Jacek Goralsky For example, for economic reasons, the contract was terminated by mutual agreement, and since then the player for the Polish national team has been contracted with Bochum. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that other key people will leave before the qualifiers for Ekl, the Russian in-house defender, Victor Vasin But he is expected to recover from international injuries and deploy a defender from Cameroon, Macy Bagnac.

Strelnikov said that Topol’s strength lies not in the individuals but in the unity of the team. The Zoran Tossex (The Serbian striker has also played for Manchester United before), Igor Sergeev (currently leads the main scoreboard with seven goals), Alexei Amanovich (The North Macedonia defender is the club’s most valuable player with an estimated value of €1m), Zsarko Tomasevics (51 times for Montenegro) and the Portuguese extreme, Robin Brigiddo Formed a line forming a familiar strong core. Khairat will also be able to rely mainly on his legions in matches against Kisfarda, so the Brazilian In Joao Paulo, Guinean national team Jose Cantiban and portuguese Ricardo Alvespen, Or, hopefully, a 21-year-old Kyrgyz, Gulzsigit in Alikulov – Provided they remain in the club until the start of the Eckel qualifiers…

Strelnikov was also asked what had changed in Kazakh football compared to 2010, when Astana entered the Champions League group, then four times in a row in the main league of the European League, and together with Kagrat, was promoted from the Kazakh championship. last year. last Latvian group).

“Kazakh football today operates with a much smaller budget than before because, after a decision of the president, the clubs receive much less support from the state budget than before. Moreover, in Astana, incompetent managers had difficulty, and in Qirat, as I mentioned, The owner had problems. In this case, Topol had the opportunity to win the championship and he took advantage of it.” – said the Kazakh journalist, seven years after breaking the monopoly of Astana and Kajarat in Kazakhstan last year. Since 2014, Astana has won the tournament six times in a row, and in 2020, Kajrat took the lead.

Ferencvaros will visit Topol in the qualifying round of the Champions League on July 6, and the Budapest match on July 13. Kisvárda will also start in Kazakhstan on July 21, and a week later he will receive Kajrat Almaty for a rematch.

Championship League 2022-2023
Qualification, Round 1
first match
July 6, 4 p.m.:
Topol (Kazakhstan) – Ferencvaros
July 13, 8 p.m.: Ferencvaros Topol (Kazakhstan)

European Conference 2022-2023
Qualification, second round
July 21
Kagrat Almaty (Kazakhstan) –Kisvarda
July 28
Kisvárda FC–
Kajrat Almaty (Kazakhstan)

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