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Wales tests unconditional basic income ‘standard

Unconditional basic income will be offered on a trial basis in Wales, writes A. BBC. According to this, the adults of the state will receive a regular amount of money as a subject, which will be enough to cover the basic expenses.

More details aren’t known yet, Labor Party Mark Drakeford, Welsh’s first minister, said so far, in the testing phase, I want to see if FNA is truly fulfilling its promise to reduce inequality and help people living in poverty. Drakford emphasized that this is only a pilot project so far, as Wells, as a member of the United Kingdom, cannot make such far-reaching decisions on its own in the long term.

It was a huge moment for the FNA campaign and a major commitment from the Prime Minister to tackle poverty and inequality in Wales in this way, said Sophie Howe, Wales commissioner for ‘The Next Generation’ and supporter of the experience.

Behind the proposal, by the way, is the Plaid Cymru party in Wales, which has campaigned for FNA to prepare the country for a future where work really plays a different role in people’s lives, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence.

The initiative is also backed by liberal Democrats, who believe that basic income not only reduces inequality, but also boosts prosperity and strengthens the local economy.

However, the Conservative Party said that it does not support the experiment because they do not believe that basic income is the solution to tackling poverty, in fact, it has only increased, and they pointed to the 2018 article in their response that the FNA was unaffordable. Governments.

“The prime minister should continue to launch the Welsh economy, creating long-term, well-paying jobs for the people, rather than using Wells as a petri dish for his failed left-wing policies,” the party said.

Cover Photo: Blueogie / Pixabay