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Walking trails are organized in the Vácrátót National Botanical Garden

The country’s richest botanical collection has reopened, launching a series of programs enriching its experience and knowledge from the month of May. In the National Botanical Garden in Vakratut, the ELKH Environmental Research Center organizes new thematic walking tours, where visitors can relax and have fun, while gaining knowledge about nature and the relationships of natural life through experiences in the park.

The park includes more than 12,000 species and varieties, features an endless array of different themes and offers countless opportunities to embark on themed hiking trails. He walks through a tulip. Tulip madness The title of this Flower Parade illustrates, through its exciting cultural history, the transformation some wild species can undergo through human breeding. The Colorful walk In addition to experimenting with color, it also draws attention to the importance of flower color to pollinators in increasingly endangered situations. The Walking bamboo It offers a plant with special properties and also warns gardeners of the dangers of weeds. The The walk shows bible plants It flies to an era when man lives in somewhat in tune with the nature around him and gets his fresh local food from a natural source. The Walks to the history of the park A fascinating place in the history of culture and horticulture, the Romantic Landscape Garden of Vácrátót, which also enjoys the protection of monuments, is presented as subject to the generous and patriotic thinking of the park’s creator and benefactor, Count Sándor Vigyázó.

Leading the two-hour to 2.5-hour adventurous walking tours, which are launched on a variety of topics, are curators from the National Botanical Garden, who have a passion for their profession, garden and botanicals, so they want to share the joy of discovery with others. They state what the great Swedish naturalist Karl Linnaeus said in 1767 that botany is a “beloved science” (the science of amapiles) and hope that the participants will return to their home countries with knowledge and experience to look forward to another visit to the National Botanical Garden.

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A waterfall in the botanical gardenSource: Adrián Stvorecz

Erzsébet Fráter, National Flora, says: “Anyone who has ever toured a museum gallery with a knowledgeable art historian, or has taken a sightseeing tour led by a dedicated architect, knows often what one sees when the subject is“ illuminated ”for him. The park curator, one of the leaders of adventure outings. It often happens that on one of these walks I learn more about a building, an industrial monument, a painting, a statue, an activity, or something that I thought I knew well. City walks have become so popular that learning to experience, admire the world, and indulge in stories from which human destinies unfold is a lifelong memory. ”

The experience you spend with us, as well as providing excellent entertainment for all ages, is extremely important Adds Erzsébet Fráter. Society’s attitude towards the living environment greatly influences the effectiveness of nature conservation measures. It is extremely important to get people to fall in love with plants, preferably at a younger age, because we protect what we know and love. The stakes are greater than we think, because individual responses to the Earth’s ecological condition and the underlying behavior are crucial for the future. ”