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Wardrobe strong Anthony in the news: Last minute sexy piece saved – Hungarian star

Anthony the Strong Viewers couldn’t see his outfit on Friday night’s newscast. The professional stylist team did their best to correct the stunt slipping into the presenter’s group before the broadcast began.

From evening to evening Strong Antónia informs the public of current news for Hungary and the world in beautiful clothes. According to his confession, he loves to try on clothes on the show. Although the dress code of news reporters is determined by strict rules, he dares to deal with serious and playful creations.

Anthony’s strong cloak

The colorful mini she wore on June 17, 2022 was well received by many. But it wasn’t long before she was able to don a gorgeous dress in shades of orange and blue: the zipper on her side was lost in the minutes before the show.

Photo: Instagram / Strong Anthony

Later Instagram page Show the problem is solved: designer Tomán Viki smashed the rip at lightning speed, saving Antony Erős’ Fridays collection. Of course, the location of the seam could only be seen up close, so the error remained invisible through the screen.

Peter Giste’s wife in a white dress

Peter Giste His wife’s dress was a success. Dietz edit She also appeared on her husband’s side of At the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival, which takes place between 9 and 12 June It was held in Veszprém, Balatonfüred and Balatonalmádi.

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