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Was The Last of Us the inspiration for Star Wars: Eclipse?

We’ve also heard rumors about two Quantic Dream games, so in addition to the already announced Star Wars: Eclipse, we’ll also be talking about a PlayStation 4 techdemo at the French studio.

A Twitter account called AccountNGT is worth a look at the studio, led by David Cage, where an image from the Star Wars: Eclipse trailer appeared a full week before the official reveal. So there is definitely some association with the French studio and it is not necessary to think about it in more detail. Let’s also see what he wrote now about the licensed Star Wars game a leak.

He says he will be working on Star Wars: Eclipse, an action-adventure genre and it will be an open project based on interactive storytelling. It will also include a multiplayer segment, which is why Quantic Dream’s Montreal studio is responsible beyond aspects of the game and track design. Meanwhile, the Paris team is working on the film’s scenes, story, and art style for the tracks and engine in development that began in early 2021. The story remains incomplete, and the Quebec-based studio is said to have upgraded The Last of Us’s gameplay to its models. Initial…

But then let’s also talk about PlayStation 4 techdemo. The AccountNGT project came up with the name The Dark Sorcerer according to She already has a code name. Dreamland says Tom Henderson, i.e. the world of dreams. He calls the game based on humor (we’ve heard that before), but it’s not the Canadian studio, it’s the headquarters, i.e. Team Paris, this is a game that can be described as more advanced than Star Wars: Eclipse. We don’t yet know how much Quantic Dream’s new strategy could change the idea that it’s going to be an intergenerational game… but since the Star Wars project isn’t coming soon, it wouldn’t be surprising that with PlayStation 5 / Xbox series consoles the French company will count.

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Whatever the case, we will definitely have to wait a long time for the two games, because that is why Cages is in no rush to develop. At the end, there’s room even for the chorus: of course number official.

source: VGCAnd VGC