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We buy healthier if we don’t put candy in front of us in the store cash registers

According to research from the University of Southampton, we buy healthy food if we do not have the usual processed foods and sweets in stores besides cash registers, but only water, for example – Writes MedicalXPress. The research was conducted in Iceland chain stores, by observing store sales statistics and customer decisions as well.

a MEDICINE PLOS According to a study published in the scientific journal, sales of confectionery products decreased, but sales of vegetables and fruits increased as the supply of the vegetable category increased, with more space available, and water and other products (not food) were placed in cabinets.

Supermarkets still put products on the shelves on purpose, and this goal alone is not for health, but for maximum profit.

The study has now shown that it really matters what foods come in front of us when shopping and where those foods are put — impulsive shoppers, for example, are more likely to buy sweets if they have them at the checkout.

Although research on a similar topic has been conducted before, this is the first to examine several strategies simultaneously. Experts say that in light of the fact that obesity, which highlights childhood obesity, is a growing national health challenge for many countries around the world, their findings are important and could be considered by supermarkets and governments as well.

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