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“We can be happy that we managed to start the tournament with a victory.” “Eloy út 129.

According to Zsolt Hornyák, they should have taken three points home today.

Stanislav Cherchesov

We knew very well that a difficult match awaited us, as Puskas was a serious contender in the league, and even the Champions League qualifiers do not pass without a trace, the Bratislava match drained a lot both physically and mentally. mentally. It was also necessary to bring in new players because of the emotions that were released. We are happy to start the tournament with a win. The word problem still does not exist in our dictionary, and we have to correctly analyze today’s match. Today we also decided to line up, things worked out really well, but there were things in attack and defense that just didn’t go the way it should. The opponent also changed a lot, and we had to adapt to that as well. We are constantly dealing with players, and our words seem to have fallen on open ears at Zakariassen, we are still trying to make everyone better and better every day. Wingo is currently infected and doing individual training.

Horniak Psalm

We should definitely have had three points today and I would also like to commend my team, we put in a very good performance. We chose a tactic, also out of necessity, the 3-4-3 method, which we already tried in Austria, the guys worked well, especially Kiss and Komáromi. Only Zahedi was excluded from this system. We didn’t deserve the defeat today, but it’s easier for me to take it, because we were good, we attacked hard, we didn’t allow Frady to get scoring chances, the exception was the 96th minute, when Mazgharani allowed Bashka to pass. Freely, this error cost the result. In this system, I plan for a good central defender, who arrives injured, the attacker, who still finds himself, cannot be used. A top-tier player like Zahedi should lead the team himself, he shouldn’t be excited against Faraday, everyone gave 100%. True, Favrovov did not take the penalty, that’s what happened, but he did very well. We managed to do what we planned, Freddy lost the first few balls a few times, and what we missed today was the goal.