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We discussed what didn’t work against the Bucks – Michael Burris

Mol Fehérvár will start the Europa League qualifier against Petrocub Hincesti in the third round at home. The day before the match, coach Michael Boris and Kenan Kudrow answered journalists’ questions.

Michael Burris at Wednesday’s press conference (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

Michael BorisThe head coach of Mall Fahrvar said:

“We saw the last Petrocub winner, as well as the weekend match, which, like us, lost 2-0. A compact team that relies on the three-back system, retracts deeply to defend, and relies mostly on counter-attacks. After the tournament against the Bucks, we talked about what we should have done differently, there is open communication within the team, we listen to everyone’s point of view. In addition, we constantly monitor the physical and mental state of the players, and everyone on the team has agreed that we rotate the team. We try to prioritize the positive, while not ignoring the problems. Against Buck, our defense didn’t work well, our balls in the penalty area were aimless, we didn’t get to them in time, there were a lot of kicks on the wings instead of playing in the middle. I don’t know yet if we will line up with one or two strikers against Petrokop, it will surely be a tough match.”

Kenan Kudrowbelieves Mol striker Fehérvár, despite the defeat to Paks The team is in great shape, and I want to prove that at home in the EKL qualifiers on Thursday. They have to take the meeting seriously, they have to play with concentration, and this can lead to results. he added, The atmosphere in the band is very good, Preparations went well, and progress in the Ekl qualifiers also had a positive effect on the group.

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as it’s known, Adrian Ross Fehérvár left this week. Boris said in this regard that they are trying to replace him, But they should not only confirm the presence of a central defender, as the bench is currently very short. At the request of NSO Tv Budu Zivzivadze visited Also, the coach can be seen doing his job with a smile, he is with the team, a good atmosphere reigns around him.

Alexey SavinovAccording to Petrocub coach Mol Fehérvár has a serious offensive game, they have very good attackers, but they also have a plan for the match. Some of their players have health issues, and tomorrow will know who will be available. After all four went through Ekl qualifiers, they had to switch guard over the weekend.

Maxim PotternischThe Moldovan defender said that they watched the last two meetings of the team of Vehrvar. It was clear to them that Kudrow and Zivzivadze were in good shape, hungry for a goal. Their intention is to block the Hungarian team’s plan, Petrocop can surprise anyone, their main goal is not to concede a goal in the first match.

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Thursday, 20.55: Mol Fehérvár FC – Petrocub Hincesti (Moldova) (Television: M4 Sport) – Live on NSO!