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We don’t have to give up Ray Tracing in Forza Motorsport while playing either

The creative lead of Forza Motorsport, which was revealed last week, has sprinkled some details about the game.

Forza Motorsport was revealed during last week’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. Perhaps one of the most impressive details in the demo is that the game will support real-time ray tracing. Since it wasn’t clear what exactly this was, the game’s creative lead, Chris Isaki, clarified the issues during the live broadcast. The specialist confirmed that the Turn10 team did not want to mislead players and that Ray Tracing will be present during gameplay, not just during replays, or only in photo mode.

This is good news for Xbox Series owners as they will be able to enjoy the game with a more realistic look thanks to Ray Tracing. Unfortunately, ray tracing flaws are not detected, and in most games the resolution and refresh rate will also suffer from this next generation feature. Interestingly enough, the recently released PlayStation exclusive Gran Turismo 7 only supports Ray Tracing in portrait mode and during playback, and only 30fps for the latter. Forza Motorsport will be released sometime in the spring of 2023 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. Of course, it will be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass service from the day it is released.

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