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We experienced what it’s like to breathe air from us

Ihor Haratin, who scored the second goal for Ferencvaros, felt that he was selling the penalty, otherwise he would not have stood behind the ball.

Calm statuette Jhor Haratin was as he rolled a penalty kick against Slavia to the right corner (Photo: Miklós Szabó)


– How did you get past the first half?
– It is very difficult, because we did not have such an intense attack not only in the Hungarian championships, but even in the group matches of the Champions League last season. He told our newspaper the next day for a 2-0 win over Slavia Braha Ihor Haratin Ukrainian midfielder Ferencvaros. “It is not easy to play football when we are already annoyed by our five players and an opponent who is constantly looking for a one-on-one duel. We can learn a lot from matches like this, on the international stage every team tries to assert itself against us in a different way, we have now experienced what it’s like to breathe The air is from us. We learned from him, but the result still gives hope for the rematch.

Did they also feel on the field that the bowl goal at the end of the first half changed everything?
“It was undoubtedly a turning point, but it had several components to the fact that we played better football in the second half. On the other hand, such an intense attack is very stressful not only for the defense but also for the attacking team, we expected that Slavia would not be able to keep up with this pace. For ninety minutes. On the other hand, there is a lot of risk if your opponent pushes his defense too much. At times like these, our attackers can be quick and well-acted in front, and during the break we talked about whether we could catch the game sometime in the minutes after the turn. Our fans created a great atmosphere and we scored another goal.

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What were you thinking before the penalty kick?
“I still wouldn’t divulge the recipe, but I was sure I would score. If a player doesn’t feel like it, it doesn’t even make sense to stand behind the ball.

“Did you feel like Slavia lost the yarn for a while after two zeros?”
“Yes, we had the opportunity to score the third goal, but that would have been very good.” But in the last fifteen or twenty minutes of the game, Slavia tried to put pressure on us again, and we were lucky because the ball came out of the goal post after the rebound. At the same time, we did a lot to make us lucky. In general, there can be no complaints about our performance when we had to, we gritted our teeth when we had to, we attacked. We fought for the fans and for ourselves, and we ended the game without a goal. Fifty percent of the work is done, but we can only get back to fighting if we get past the mentality we saw on Wednesday into next Tuesday as well.

– What do you expect in Prague?
“I can’t predict what will happen at Slavia’s house, all I can promise is that we will do our best to move forward.

Vladimir Summers “fails” green

Bad luck or a serious mistake? Opinions about Ferencvaros’ first goal were also divided on the Czech television studio, O2 Tv, which broadcasts the match live. According to Lubos Kozel, nine-time former defender of the national team of Slavia Praha, who spent the 2002-03 season in Újpest, it is not the Groupama Arena hill, but Ondrej Kolár, who ugly forgives the ball, who is responsible for Ferencvaros’ first goal.

“For me, it was clearly the goalkeeper’s fault. If his whole body was behind the ball and he had not put his right foot there, there would have been no goal. On the other hand, from slowing down, he did not even look at the ball, he was already watching which teammate could In addition, the goalkeeper also made a mistake in the last league against Teplice, he is clearly not at his best. Let’s hope that Slavia has enough routine to get the duel out of this situation as well.”

However, according to Vladimir Simesir, who won the Champions League with Liverpool in 2005, the Greens owe the first goal to the blow: “It is worth watching the trajectory of the ball, it obviously appeared at the last moment, which confused Ondrej Kollar. The ball “jumped” over the goalkeeper’s feet due to the shock.

Champions League qualifications
Third round, first match

FERENC CITY – SLAVIA PRAGUE (Czech Republic) 2-0 (1-0)
Budapest, Groupama Arena, 17127 view. led: Gil Manzano (Spain)
FTC: Dibusz – Wingo, Blazic, S. Mmaee, Civic (Botka, 85.) – Laidouni, Haratin – Tokmac Nguen (Kovacevic, 90 + 2.), Zachariassen (Zubkov, 86.), Uzuni – R. Mmaee (Loncar, 75). .). Coach: Peter Stoger
Slavia: Kolár – Masopust (Schranz, 53.), Kacsaraba, Zima, Dorley – Bah, Sevcík (Ibrahim Traoré, 25.), Holes (Lingr, 72.), Stanciu, Plavsics (Olayinka, at break) – Kuchta (P. Musa , 53.). Coach: Jindrich Trpisovsky
Gulzerzo: Duck (44 – goal), Haratin (50 – 11)

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