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We found out why King Victor didn’t appear on Saturday while filming the song

Saturday night D 2022 In our offer we can hear many suspicious products. In the song selection show, viewers could see two presenters as usual, but as before, one of them fell ill. Krishta Ratoni With his routine that he’s acquired over the years, he’s jumped into the role of presenter for the second time, this time King Victor in the place. The musician, who progressed from singer to presenter, had a hard time not being able to stand on stage that day due to his illness.

I became Covidos, so I had to skip the show. But I’m fine now. Produces negative tests, but unfortunately I was still positive during the live broadcast, so I couldn’t be with Rókusfalvy Lili Victor told King Porsche, who said he was swimming with mild symptoms. The star also told us that he usefully spent his time in the studio set up in his garage because he was working on new songs all the time while he had to stay in quarantine.

By the way, Victor did not let his fans down, informing his fans on the night of the song A that unfortunately he is unable to be present, and he has already explained the reason for his absence. He wrote on his Instagram at the time:

Hello, unfortunately the news is true that I got sick.

I really wanted to be on the 4th pick for the song tonight too, but health and safety is of paramount importance. Next week, whoever’s hiding and who’s not, I’ll be back again. By then, enjoy this truly unique lineup! Hijra #girl power He wrote on his community page.

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Nafphonat won the fourth team

And in the program that was broadcast on Donna’s renewed TV, ten songs were played in the fourth selection, the jury referred four of them to the semi-finals. The Napphones And like the pigeons, he got a maximum of 40 points, followed by a triple tie. The Matset Now or never, Ildico Palágyi . Butterflyand the Swing á la Django And the makeup His song, Traveling, advanced by 37 points and they became a semi-finalist. The fifth runner-up was chosen by the audience with their votes, receiving the most votes I am He won the song Cold Wind, which in turn reached the semi-finals.