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We got another taste of Hellblade 2

The E3 conference at Microsoft/Xbox and Bethesda was the most informative, but it also lacked a few games, including the sequel to Hellblade 2, the psychological horror game centered on the Ninja Theory story. At an event called Xbox Games Showcase Extended, which was a kind of “after-party” or run-off after E3, Microsoft showed off another Hellblade 2 buff, which can be viewed below.

During the broadcast, creative leader Tamim Antoniadis also provided some information about the current state of the game. Antoniades says much of Hellblade 2 production is already complete, but there’s still a lot to do, so the developers are moving on to the next stage. This means that they will go to Iceland to research and collect materials so that they can reproduce the atmosphere of the world of northern mythology as authentically as possible. In addition to the action-capturing fight scenes of Melina Juergens playing Senua, we can also see some of the final parts (clips) of the game, and the narration floats to what to expect during the plot, i.e. what will be the main objective.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 for PC and Xbox Series X will be released sometime in the future. You can watch the previous video in this way here.

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