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We have to see, we forgot to win – Ádám Kovácsik –

It hurts dám Kovácsik, Mol Fehérvár FC goalkeeper, who has scored in all four betting matches, and has also talked about forgetting the win.

Ádám Kovácsik (Photo: Attila Török)


– In what form and condition do you feel?
“I’m moving more and more in the house at the gate.” He told our newspaper Ádám Kovácsik, Mol Fehérvár FC, one thirty-year-old national team goalkeeper, sustained an anterior cruciate ligament tear, an internal collateral ligament tear and a meniscus injury on October 28, in the Hungarian Cup match against Gárdony-Agárd Spa (4-1). – I wouldn’t say it’s cool, but no that my form is weak; On the other hand, it was painful that we scored in each of our four betting matches this season.

– They failed in the European Conference League duel against Ararat, as they scored only two points in two tournaments. What is the problem?
– If I know … we have to work hard, but we don’t want our first win. The subdued performance leaves its mark on one’s mood. Interestingly, we scored zero three times in the four matches, but the Armenian team, as well as Zalagirchij and Jermo, drew – because we did not close the match earlier, although we had a chance. Most of the goals were scored after free kicks and corner kicks, and we need to focus better in these situations. We have to see, we forgot to win.

– Next time on Saturday they can make repairs against Kisvárda at home.
– Our opponent is strong, hasn’t scored nine points by mistake in three tournaments, beat Ferencvaros away – Regardless, we can have no other goal but to win. The elimination in front of Ararat was difficult for the team, but we said the tournament would start, and this is a chance to prove it again – do it, we couldn’t beat Zeti and the rookie away. When we finished with a draw in Egerszeg, we thought it was fine, then we’ll win in Gyirmót, and the four points scored in the two games weren’t too bad – we had to make do with two. That was enough! We want to win the lives, the fans and of course the standings too.

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Next week, Marco Rossi will announce the framework for the World Cup qualifiers against England, Albania and Andorra in September. He was a confirmed member before he got infected. Are you sure you will receive an invitation?
– I want to go back, that’s my goal. But that’s not what I have in mind every day, I just want to play and represent the championship in my hands so that the leader can count on me again. For now, of course, all that matters is that we get back on the path to victory with Vervar.

Amazing wave of injuries

you can cook Emre Sabics Head coach after losing several people from the frame. The latest losers are injured against Germot FC Giord, midfielder Aleph and midfielder Attila Viola – it is not yet known how much time they will waste. As reported, Loic Nego’s coronavirus test has been positive, leaving the 14-time national team footballer out of the line for an extended period of time. Then let’s look at the others: winger Funsho Bamgboye is trying to come back after a serious ankle injury, striker Adam Hallmaye has a tiring plantar fracture, defending Ant New Year is recovering from a broken ankle, while striker Armin Hodzic has a prolonged muscle injury. Goalkeeper Emil Ruckoff has meningitis, and midfielder Ruben Pinto is doing rehab after rupturing his Achilles tendon. Striker Daniel Zuri ruptured his cruciate ligament in March while on loan to Budavok, and his full recovery could take a long time.