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We have where Samsung will build a new chip factory

Information from Bloomberg sources has not been commented on by Samsung yet, as no final decision has been made yet, but the news agency knows it could be announced today.

For Samsung, investing is crucial just because Taiwan’s semiconductor maker, Taiwanese rival, spends billions of dollars worldwide with Intel To expand the capacity of factories using the latest technology.

The South Korean tech giant may build a new, advanced chip factory near Taylor, 30 miles from its large manufacturing hub in Austin, Texas. The company has so far spent $17 billion on the Austin plant, which has more than 3,000 workers and manufactures the most advanced chips in the country.

Samsung plans to invest another $17 billion in the US over the next 10 years and create 1,800 jobs.

Investment in the sector has rebounded as global capabilities are strained amid a post-pandemic recovery with growing demand for internet-connected devices, from cars to home appliances. Meanwhile, the US is working to bring production as close as possible amid the collapse of global supply chains, and Joe Biden said in June that $52 billion would be spent to boost domestic chip production.

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