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We haven’t crossed the finish line yet! – Rasmus Lau

According to Denmark’s Telekom Veszprém player Rasmus Lauge, the goalkeepers have decided against Pick Szeged so far, so the last-hand champion of the men’s handball championship could be the one who wins the goalkeeper duel.

Much meant that Pence Panheidi (with the ball) returned to the final of the tournament, but Rasmus Lauge (behind him) and Visperm left would find a victor (Photo: Attila Turok)

Never in the history of two-match league finals since 2017, the team that won the first match has not won the tournament. True, it did not even happen that the first match would not be won by the Hungarian Guard, in 2017 and 2019 Visprem, in 2018 and 2021, Beyk Sejd started with a home victory and finally became the champion.

Szeged goal and job are already equal

Although Telekom Veszprém had a lead in the first game, a one-goal difference could be quickly determined, and Pick Szeged has something to cling to, as the best player, Bence Bánhidi, came back for twenty minutes in the rain, losing due to a number of technical errors. Correct it through disciplined play.

“The end result is also important, but the goal difference does not matter much. One goal is the difference and that is nothing. Let’s say we start the match in Veszprem. If we put first, we are already in the same position.” Tell Juan Carlos Pasteur, Beck Szeged coach in the club’s latest video.

But this year, the series has come to a halt, with the Builders’ victory at Pick Arena last Friday giving them a head start over the defending champion.

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“The team is very strong, the harmony is great off the field, we like to be together, we train together, which I think can be seen on the field. Tell National SportsRasmus Lauge, Danish shooter from Visprem. Neither I nor the team brought my best to the match in Szeged, however, I only received support from everyone, we encouraged each other, and everyone had a good word for the other. We are fighting for each other, for together like brothers, we lost that last season.”

According to Luge, the players realize the potential in us, but this is also not enough, because in order to achieve their goals they have to fight every day, because if they do not do this, they know what is happening: what happened last year and what also had an impact on the start of the season. But it’s not just a key.

“The role of goalkeepers is the most important in handball today, and if our man wins their battle, he is likely to win the match as well. – said the 30-year-old and European champion. “This is proven by the fact that Vladimir Kobara defended us superbly at Szeged last week and Rodrigo Corrales last week, which decided the match so that Rikland Mikler also outperformed by a goal at home.”

Even though we’ve come to the end of the season, Lauge feels the squad is fine both physically and mentally, and no one has to motivate themselves in these matches anymore. However, their situation is not easy because it is difficult to stay fresh under such a load. He believes that the players should have more rest because by the end of the season, when the most important matches come, they will not have enough strength, so every minute they spend on the field is more and more harmful, and if the sporting leaders cannot find a solution, The process will end badly.

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“We still have three games left in the season, each reaching one final, but we are only focused on the next game –He kept laughing. – Therefore, we are not even thinking about what will happen in a week, in the fourth round of the Champions League in Cologne, only how to get the Hungarian championship title. The match in Vesperm and the Hungarian Championship Cup is the most important, because it will mean the most to the club and the fans, and this will give us a safe place in the next BL series.”

Lauge will spend next season in Vesprem before returning to his home in his breeding club Silkeborg, and considered it important to note that he received a lot from Telekom Veszprem, and the Hungarian club stood by him in difficult times and during his injuries. He and his family love the city, but overall, they’ve been living abroad for a decade, away from the big family, so it’s time to move home, which he already discussed with the club when he extended it for two years plus last year.

“I have achieved a lot, but I am not satisfied yet –he added. This season is really special, it’s going well for the team, but we haven’t crossed the finish line yet. In the first game of the League Final, we laid the foundation for lifting one of the two cups available on Saturday.”

Telekom’s Veszprém – Pick Szeged Championship rematch will take place at the Veszprém Arena on Saturday, from 5.45pm. If the match ends 29-28 in normal time in favor of Szeged, the title will be decided in seven weeks.

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Juan Carlos Pastor (Photo: Attila Turok)