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We saw a Czech katinka long ago: the 49-year-old actress turned her back to the light of rivalry – Hungarian star

Check out Katinka It has greeted viewers for nearly 11 years on weekday evenings as Good in the Bad Bodolai Böbé. In June 2019, fans of the series bid farewell to the daily TV2 series.

He justified his decision on the one handThat a year before his big change happened, he started to lose a lot of weight, and as a result he lost 30 pounds, on the other hand he started filming at the age of 37, and at the age of 48 he increasingly felt that his character had been over the past 11 years, Bob began to control Him and besieged him.

After checking out Katinka for Good Bad

The star, who celebrates his 50th birthday in September, rarely appears in TV shows or newspapers after leaving the series. In 2020, we only saw it in Dinner King on Life TV

As Bodolai Böbe in the Good in the Bad or in a civilian series, after losing 30 kilos.

Photo: TV2 / Jóban Rosszban, András Lung

a Story Magazine She wrote that Katinka Cseke fulfilled her big dream by teaching acting at the Budapest Media Academy for a long time, her students love her psychodramatic practices and her fun and humorous lessons. He also hopes that by reopening theaters, he can once again take stage in roles worthy of his talent.

“We have been fine with Katinka for a long time, we have a lot in common, and I also taught at the same school where she was. Everyone loves her and loves his job too. I think it’s better than ever. Actress Zuzza Neerts told the newspaper that she is happy with her new life.”

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The article continues after the recommendation

He had a good relationship with TV2 and the producers of Good and Bad, and although he was expected to return to the series, he did not want to make a comeback.


Photo: Life TV / Dinner King

– Good to Bad asked last July to Katinka, they’d love to see you again in the series, but the actress turned down the opportunity. If there is a suitable role, TV2 is open to further cooperation, the magazine learned from the press department of TV2.

Pictures of Czech katinka in swimwear and underwear

About a hundred pounds, after several unsuccessful or effective meals for a while, he thought he was already overweight, and then, using an Indian herbal recipe, he managed to lose nearly 30 pounds in 106 of 2018. He hadn’t previously thought He’ll take a photo of hot underwear and swimwear.

Cover photo: TV2