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We started with 7 gold medals in the Portuguese World Cup

The European Under-23 Championships and Youth Kayak in Portugal started in a dream: the Hungarian youth began competing in the most important age group of the year with 7 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

14 finalists competed in the Under-23 and Youth Kayak Championships in Montemore-o-Velho, Portugal, on Saturday. And those who expected that the Hungarian gold accumulation would begin on the first last day were not disappointed.


Gazso Alida Durca confidently won five hundred singles. Source: MKKSZ

In the first C1 finals at a distance of 500 meters from the youth kiss agnes He drove only narrowly in the first half, but in the end he had overcome a long distance from the ship to the full field. In the U23 square there are also about five hundred kayaks, Gasso Alida Durka In his case, there was no two hundred and fifty meters question, he won the teacher competition, with a good advantage of two and a half seconds.

continued a large series of Bragado Giada, Nagy Bianca Interested in a pair of U23 boat and five hundred in addition to the 500-meter youth singles strangle Sarah, who fought hard all the time against the German Jagsch and the Russian Babasinska, finally managed to solve the task well.

Even after the young girl was blasphemed, the Hungarian anthem, The . was played Laura Gunchul, Rika Obafsky The duo reached the finish line faster than anyone else, while on the kayak arena in the singles 1000 at U23 Emissie KohalmiAnd among the youth Anna Maro He can stand on the highest rung of the platform.

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The girls got the seven gold medals, but the boys should be commended for the other medals: three-time European Youth Champion Koroc Levente This time he finished second in K1 at 1,000 metres, and each of our millennial kayak pairs was happy to win a bronze medal: at U23 Mark Szendi And Tamás Szántói-Szabó, in youth Aradi Almos And banik zsumbor.

We’re only past day one in Portugal, but there are already seven golds, one silver and two bronzes in the Hungarian delegation’s tally, which puts me at the top of the medal table. Pre-race and mid-race races will continue in the afternoon, with the following finals taking place on Sunday morning.

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